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Situated on quaint Flagler Avenue in New Smyrna Beach Florida, Silly Willie’s opened in October 2003. Vicki and Joann became the proud owners in 2007. The boutique was designed to be a fun place to visit and shop and, for sisters, Vicki and Joann it’s also a fun place to work. Often times our customers stop by with their furry friends just to say hello.


Pets are always welcome at Silly Willie’s however; we do encourage them to keep their owners on a leash. Our customers have said their dogs won’t allow them to pass by the shop without detouring to the front counter. Once there, they know a simple wag of the tail will garner a reward from the treat jar.


Many of our customers have pondered over the origin of the unique name chosen for the shop. A very special canine companion named Willy blessed the life of the store’s founder Jeannie until a spinal tumor took him away. Jeannie and Willy were hopelessly devoted to each other and she would often call him Silly Willy. The memory of this special dog lives on in the name of our boutique aptly called Silly Willie’s.


The tradition of excellence which our customers have come to expect goes beyond hard-to-find quality pet accessories as we strive to provide the best health-promoting products available through good nutrition. We want our customers to feel like family when visiting Silly Willie’s, so if there is ever anything we can do to make your visit with us more enjoyable, please let us know.


Stop by Silly Willie’s the next time you’re visiting this fabulous seaside community, we call New Smyrna Beach, and take home some special treats for your furry friends.

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